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Moments of awe & wonder in your daily life

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Oh, 2020. What a year.

We’re locked up. Fed up. Ill (maybe worse). Hugless. Bored. Vacations are cancelled. We can’t escape our flatmates. Netflix is exhausted. We’re tired of staring at the same four walls. Please, not another Zoom call!

We’re awe-less. It’s awful.

Awe is an incredible emotion.

Awe is a rush of adrenaline, it’s goosetingles and it’s ultimately serenity. Maybe even a touch of humility, as you recognise the grandness of your surroundings.

When did you last feel this?

On a mountainside gazing over a valley. Banging shoulders raving at a sweaty gig. Witnessing an emergency worker selflessly risk life and limb to rescue a stranger.

Awe (like mindfulness, flow and gratitude) is a state of mind leaving us feeling fricking great! A real mood boost.

A true awe experience connects us to people and planet. We become more open minded and happier to deal with nuance. It can even change our perception of time!

Our new app, Awe, is your guide on the journey into this state of mind.

It’s time to reawaken to the world around you. Get early access to Awe today.

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What people are already saying

"I felt I was part of some thing bigger, so more connected. This is going to sound weird - but I’m certain I could hear the tree – there I’ve said it!"
– Rebecca O’Connor
"The meditation gave me a moment of space and expansion, and greater sense of connection"
– Michael Ashcroft
"I feel like I’ve spent some quality time with some clouds."
– Will S.
"It didn't feel like meditation. It felt like I was learning about myself."
– Dan Parry

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