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Twosday is Coming

By Fraser Deans on Feb 18 2022

Do 22 things outside

What are you doing on Tuesday 22–2–22?

Twosday, or 22 February 2022, is a once in a lifetime date calling for a special challenge.

Friends of Awe, Andrea and Susa are leading a great initiative to get us outdoors on 22nd February 2022.

(By the way, Andrea and Susa also run the brilliant One Million Hours initiative encouraging people to spend time outside all year round.)

Twodays provides a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors combined with 22 moments, such as:

Alternatively, choose something which relates to 22 which can motivate you and others to go outside.

With no other opportunity to celebrate such a captivating date, let’s make it one to remember.

How you can take part:

  1. Via Strava: join the challenge, club or event and share your pic and activity on the day.
  2. Via Instagram by sharing your 22 idea with a post or story #TwosDayOutdoors and you might want to share it with 2 more friends
  3. Earth Runs are also supporting with their Twosday Outdoors Challenge. Go for a run and they’ll plant trees on your behalf.

Why are we doing this?

To motivate people to spend more time outdoors because it’s good for you and your mental health. If you are keen to know more about us and what motivates us — read here.

What will be your 22?

Thanks for spending time with us. We love to hear from you and see your outdoor ideas.

P.S.: if you like the idea, feel free to forward or share it with 2 or more of your friends. It's always nice and encouraging if you do and share things with another person.