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10 New Year Resolutions for Greater Nature Connection in 2021

By Fraser Deans on Dec 31 2020

A new year gives us time to reflect and reorient ourselves. What would you like to change in your life? If you'd like less screen time and more nature connection here is inspiration for nature-related New Year resolutions.

1) Spend 2 hours in nature each week

Studies have proven a small dose of 2 hours of nature each week improves both physical and mental wellbeing. This can be spread out over the week and needn't be in one hit. There may be additional benefits of dividing this time into shorter periods too. Further studies have shown people who visit nature several times a week have higher life satisfaction than those who visit only once.

2) Meditate in nature each week

Meditating in nature is deeply immersive. The sound of the birds, the smell of the flowers, the warmth of the sun on your skin makes for a novel change if you're used to meditating indoors.

3) Join a nature volunteer group

Meet some like minded nature lovers and make great friends whilst contributing to a good cause. is a helpful place to start.

4) Pick up litter from your local park

Contribute to your local community by cleaning up litter. It's a great reason to spend more moments in nature. Plus you'll feel positive doing a good deed.

5) Go on an awe walk once a week

Awe is a phenomenal state of mind with a heap of psychological benefits. When we feel awe we feel more socially connected, happier and even more humble! With an awe walk go for a casual stroll without a particular destination mind and intentionally focus your attention outwards. Don't try to direct your attention onto anything in particular. We have a guide for awe walks in the Awe app.

Local nature trusts do wonderful work in preserving and helping our nature environment to flourish. Research nearby nature charities and consider donating your time or money to their wonderful causes. They also know the best places to connect with nature!

7) Name the 20 most common birds in your country

It's too easy to take our feathered friends for granted. They grace us with their beautiful songs and yet many of us don't even know their names. Research the most common birds in your local area and how to identify them. Bonus points if you can identify them by their song.

8) Name the 20 most common trees in your country

Likewise our giant green friends are often overlooked. Take some time to learn about your local flora and what their identifying signs are.

9) Gain the trust of a bird or squirrel (proceed with caution)

This is one for the brave. Visit a park or forest frequently and the inhabitants will start to recognise you. Gain their trust so your presence doesn't spook them. Sit still, enjoy their company and maybe, just maybe, you'll become friends.

10) Plant a tree each month in 2021

Deforestation is an enormous problem exacerbating the climate crisis. Play a very small but important part in forest recovery: plant a tree each month. Maybe there are regional or national organisations already organising tree planting events in your area.