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The Awe Summer Season: Nature Meditations for Summer

By Fraser Deans on Jul 15 2021

"Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air." – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summer is upon us. Earth's northern hemisphere bows towards that magnificent orange sky disc. The days are longest. Trees are greenest. Hedgerows are rebellious.

Summer's fine weather encourages us out of our homes into unfamiliar spaces. Travel to a foreign country, a road trip to a stunning beach, an invitation to a park BBQ. Surrounding yourself with novel landscapes is an easy opportunity for awe. We physically encounter previously unknown parts of the plant. Your personal understanding of the world expands to accommodate new perspectives.

Listen to nature meditations for summer

To fully soak in summer we've launched Summer Season in Awe: a collection of outdoor meditations to strengthen your relationship with nature.

Nature meditations for summer

Connect deeply with peaceful insects. Spend time watching busy Honey bees or Bumblebees. Gaze in magnificence at the chaotic beauty of the butterfly's path.

Visit the coast. Contemplate the beach. Be humbled by the powerful ceaseless waves.

Relax at the end of a summer day and soak in the day's final rays during sunset. Take a moment to witness the handover between sun and moon.

Plus more!

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Nature meditations for summer

Deeply connect with nature to reset, relax and regain perspective.

  1. Enjoy our contemplative summer nature meditations to appreciate the season, cultivate awe and protect your mental health.
  2. Don't miss out the best of summer! Find local awe-inspiring nature and connect with it deeply.
  3. Experience the best of mother nature each day in summer with our nature nudges: significant times in your location e.g. sunrise, sunset, when does the rain stop?

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Photo credits: Michal Mrozek, Brecht Denil, Matt Paul Catalano