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How Strong is Your Relationship With The Moon? (Plus More Awe Courses)

By Fraser Deans on Jul 1 2021

Moon Cycle by Sanni Sahil

โ€œThe moon, like a flower in heavenโ€™s high bower, With silent delight Sits and smiles on the night.โ€ - William Blake

When was the last time you gazed at the moon. I mean really gazed.

Was it a full moon? What shape was it? What size? Did you notice the changes in texture on the lunar surface? How brilliant were its white? How ominous were its blues? How did the clouds dance that evening? Did the moonlight lay thick shadows? What sensations did you notice in yourself? Which emotions arose?

As you read these questions now, how easily can you answer them?

If they are difficult, was your lunar experience fleeting? Like bumping into an old friend rushing to work. Almost dreamlike. A vague phantom memory.

If they are easy, was your lunar experience satisfying? Like sharing great conversation with an old friend over an indulgent meal. Timeless, rich, treasured.

This inquiry into our experience leads to the fullness of experience. We needn't be intellectual about it but through techniques like these our attention muscle is guided and trained to readily access these full experiences weekly, daily or even continually moment to moment. Without guidance or nudges, we so often forget what to notice or, worse, we even forget the possibility of a deeper experience at all. When we sit with the sensations gifted by our senses we are left feeling satisfied. Savouring the moreness of reality can become habit.

This is why we've built Awe. To achieve states of awe by being in the world. To step away from stressful screens and let life soak in.

Awe Courses

Awe Courses are our newest feature to let life soak in.

Our goal with courses is to give people a deep sense of connection and place to the natural world. Awe Courses strengthen your relationship with nature. By mixing the experiential with the scientific and spiritual, you'll find new meaning, inspiration and perspectives in our ever changing universe.

We've partnered with 2 leading nature connection thinkers. Their courses remind us to seek beyond our normal day-to-day fleeting experiences and access the rich and satisfying fullness within nature.

By training our attention in this way, you'll notice more nature. Quality nature moments improve our mental health. Benefits include better emotion regulation and lower levels of perceived stress. These Awe Courses are designed to take place no matter whether you're in a city or in the countryside.

Mindful Stargazing

Mark Westmoquette is an astronomer, Zen teacher and author of Mindful Stargazing. What a combo!

In Mark's course "Mindful Stargazing" he develops our relationship with the moon, stars and sun. Have you ever moon bathed before?

See the Mindful Stargazing course

Befriending Nature

Ben Page is a forest therapy guide and author of Healing Trees: A Pocket Guide to Forest Bathing.

In Ben's course "Befriending Nature" he teaches us how to meet different aspects of nature. You've never met a tree in this way before!

See the Befriending Nature course

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