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Awe App to Launch for November Lockdown Mental Health

By Fraser Deans on Nov 4 2020

Awe is launching for November lockdown

Awe app launching Friday to help UK citizens care for their mental health during November lockdown.

We've accelerated the launch of Awe to Friday (6th November 2020) so people confined to their homes and local area in England's November lockdown have a tool to care for their mental health.

Awe is the app to find more moments of awe & wonder in your daily life. Become re-enchanted with the world through nature. Be led to quality nearby nature and listen to a paired audio guide. Notice your surroundings. Contemplate the world at large. Feel deeply connected to people and planet.

The Awe app will launch on iOS and Android.

During the first UK lockdown 1 in 4 people experienced at least moderate levels of depressive symptoms. Additionally suicidal thoughts increased from 8% to 10%.

Researchers have found 2 hours of nature a week contribute to great health and wellbeing. People that visit nature several times a week report higher life satisfaction. Ecotherapy techniques like forest bathing give us both physiological and psychological benefits including alleviating stress and depression.

Unfortunately, urban nature is becoming harder to find. City dwellers are nature-deprived. Awe leads people to beautiful nature spots in your city to rest, meditate or think. Spend time in the presence of ancient trees, under starry skies and beside calming rivers.

Nature is the best elicitor of awe. Feeling awe has a heap of psychological benefits. Awe lifts our moods. It alters our perception of time. We feel interconnected. We become more open-minded: happier to deal with nuance and shades of grey.

During lockdown, spend your daily exercise periods awe-enhanced in nature using the Awe app.

What is awe?

Awe is both a feeling and an altered state of mind.

We’ve all felt awe in our lifetimes. Stunned and silent, standing on a mountainside gazing across a valley to snow peaked caps, it dawns on us just how big the world is (or how small we are).

Where can I use the app?

Most of our awe spots are in London at launch but you can use the app anywhere. If you're not close to an awe spot tap 'Listen right here, right now' and you'll be introduced to a guide. We recommend going to a relaxing place with nature. Perhaps in a forest, by a river or on a hillside.

What do I gain from awe?

When we experience true awe we gain a number of psychological benefits.

What people are saying…

"I felt I was part of something bigger, so more connected (this is going to sound weird - but I’m certain I could hear the tree) there I’ve said it!" – Rebecca O’Connor

"The meditation gave me a moment of space and expansion, and greater sense of connection" – Michael Ashcroft

"I feel like I’ve spent some quality time with some clouds." – Will S.

“It takes the listener there, in the right relationship with the world, the most potent for awe to emerge.” – Jonathan Anabalon


Awe is launching on iOS and Android on Friday 6th November 2020.

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