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The Awe Autumn Season: Nature Meditations for Autumn

By Fraser Deans on Oct 6 2021

Nature meditations for autumn

"October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month." – Henry Ward Beecher

Autumn is here. Earth's northern hemisphere is tilting away from the sun. The trees change from their green finery into their magnificent orange and reds. The ground beneath softens. The weather regains strength.

In this transitionary season the world changes fast. We have the opportunity to notice something new every day. A few lost leaves. Bright berries in the canopy. Seeds adorning the muddy ground. A curious, mindful mind can seize such novelty and richness breaking into a state of awe and wonder. There are many delightful things to notice in this rich season.

Listen to nature meditations to strengthen your relationship with autumn

To fully appreciate autumn we've launched Autumn Season in Awe: a collection of outdoor meditations to strengthen your relationship with nature.

Marvel at the colours of autumn. Leaves lazily falling from tall powerful oaks. Take in the smell of the forest after a rainfall.

Pause your work day to watch the work of frantic squirrels darting around a garden or forest. Enjoy their acrobatics and agility.

Soak in the beauty of a dew laden cobweb in the dawn sunlight. Pearls hanging between branches, twinkling in a light chilled breeze.

Plus more!

Remind yourself to get outside before its dark

It is also when we feel the nights drawing in. Many of us will miss the sunshine as a day at work at an office or behind a computer at home distracts us from the sunlight and before we know it, the daylight has disappeared. Set reminders with nature nudges in Awe to get outside and seize the day!

Awe, the nature connection app

Nature meditations for autumn

Deeply connect with nature to reset, relax and regain perspective.

  1. Enjoy our contemplative autumn nature meditations to appreciate the season fully, cultivate awe & wonder and protect your mental health.
  2. Don't miss out the best of autumn! Find local awe-inspiring nature and connect with it deeply.
  3. Experience the best of mother nature each day in autumn with our nature nudges: significant times of the day in your location e.g. sunrise, sunset, when does the rain stop?

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Photo credits: Егор Камелев, Włodzimierz Jaworski, Aaron Burden