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70 Delights to Mindfully Connect With Nature This Autumn

By Fraser Deans on Sep 15 2021

Be mindful in nature during autumn

Autumn is an explosion of change. Like spring, autumn is a transient season. Whereas summer and winter tend to be fairly static, there are obvious changes day-by-day in spring and autumnal landscapes. Everything is in transition.

The world is easier to notice when it is changing so fast. Novelty grabs our attention. A familiar tree replaces her summer outfit with autumn finery. Stunning golds and bronzes stop us in our tracks.

Autumn starts green and luscious but just three months later the same scene is dark and muted.

As trees change and the weather becomes fiercer we can learn to appreciate every aspect of it. A mindful stroll, ingesting the unfolding reality, leaves us feeling completed satiated. What lessons can you learn from this evolving season?

Be mindful in nature

Here's our list of delights to notice this autumn. How many can you notice this year?

  1. The first brown leaf.
  2. The softness underfoot when walking over fallen leaves.
  3. Mushrooms of the same type in different stages of fruiting.
  4. The path of a falling leaf.
  5. Feathers (birds often moult at this time of year).
  6. A leaf still attached the tree turning from green to brown.
  7. The crunch of leaves underfoot.
  8. The breath condensing on the cold air.
  9. The difference in path of the autumn sun compared to the summer sun.
  10. The location and conditions of a mushroom (e.g. on a tree, near a tree, in the open, in long grass).
  11. A leaf caught in a gust of wind.
  12. Clusters of different types of mushrooms.
  13. Wildlife readying themselves for winter.
  14. Seeds falling from trees (e.g. sycamore seeds spinning like helicopter blades).
  15. The variation in colours of leaves on a single tree.
  16. Fruiting trees.
  17. The shells of fallen seeds.
  18. Nibbled nuts unfinished by woodland critters.
  19. The looser canopy showing wildlife like birds, badgers or foxes more hidden in thicker summer growth.
  20. A gust of wind against your skin. Then stillness.
  21. Animal tracks on the ground. Autumns wetter weather provides softer ground to make a footprint.
  22. New scents in the air.
  23. The ferocity of the wind.
  24. The direction that a gust come from.
  25. The speed of clouds in the sky.
  26. The stillness of puddles.
  27. The strength of the sunlight.
  28. Sun beams between clouds.
  29. The mornings a little darker.
  30. The sun setting a little earlier.
  31. The dance of trees swaying in the wind.
  32. Glorious mud on your shoes (a sign of a day well spent!).
  33. The freshness after rainfall.
  34. Abandoned bird nests degrading in the tree tops.
  35. Mammals scampering around the waters edge.
  36. The restless surface of a pond or lake.
  37. Fallen branches.
  38. Fallen trees.
  39. The sound of the wind amongst the trees.
  40. Insects marching amongst fallen leaves.
  41. Exposed entrances for fox dens or badger setts.
  42. Lichen on trees.
  43. The smell after rainfall (petrichor).
  44. A path too muddy or wet to pass.
  45. Boisterous waves.
  46. A quieter dawn chorus.
  47. The contrasting slipperiness and suction when walking through mud.
  48. Streak of rain down a window.
  49. Giant moving shadows cast by clouds.
  50. Piles of leaves collected by the wind.
  51. Harvested fields.
  52. A field of dewy grass.
  53. The splash of rain on the ground.
  54. Bushes full of berries.
  55. The splash when walking through a puddle.
  56. River levels higher on their banks.
  57. Autumnal mist sitting in undisturbed valleys.
  58. Cobwebs laden with early morning dew looking like pearls.
  59. The ripeness of berries in a single bush.
  60. A rotting log.
  61. The squelch of muddy footsteps.
  62. A chill in your finger tips.
  63. Dogs (and children) (and adults) gleefully running through piles of leaves.
  64. Trees with both dry and wet bark.
  65. The variation of berry size within a single bush.
  66. The slipperiness of a rock or tree root after rainfall.
  67. Higher water levels in a lake.
  68. Hibernating ladybirds huddling together.
  69. Heavy rainfall collecting as streams.
  70. The bodily sensations as you arrive back to a warm home from spending quality time in nature.

Connect deeply with autumn

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