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#Halloween #COP26

Listen to Mother Nature dying

Tune into a once-in-a-species event, Mother Nature dying. Listen to the haunting sounds of our dying planet. A harrowing Halloween audio experience to spook and shock yourself, friends and followers to reconsider our lifestyles.

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Mother Nature Dying - A harrowing Halloween audio experience to spook and shock | Product Hunt

Our planet is screaming, tune in

Mother Nature dying

Climate crisis impact

For many the climate crisis is hard to relate to. We see photos of distant lands on fire or underwater. We're bombarded with lists of commandments: behaviours we should not do. However, without fast and direct action, the human impact will accelerate the climate crisis over the brink to a point of irreversibility. We're killing Mother Nature as we know her.

Whilst you listen to these haunting sounds consider the effects of climate change and the inhumane impacts.

  • The Amazon
  • The Arctic
  • Rising Sea Levels
  • Glaciers
  • Extreme Weather
  • Mass Species Extinction
  • Climate Refugees
  • Record Global Temperatures

COP26: An opportunity on the brink

COP26, a global climate conference, take places from 31st October to 12th November. World leaders are assembling to make decisions on how we collectively tackle the climate crisis. Should world leaders not make the required difficult decisions, irreversible and accelerated damage to our planet will occur.

Nature connection to fall in love with nature

We ARE part of nature. Not separate. Although, that fact is often hard to remember. Nature connection is our feeling of embeddedness within nature. Higher levels of nature connectedness lead to pro-environmental behaviour including recycling and lower carbon usage. These are the kinds of action we need to take to ensure Mother Nature's decline is slowed and reversed. Nature is also the greatest trigger for feelings of awe. And with awe come a host of psychological benefits including feelings of connectedness, humility, open mindedness and greater life satisfaction.

Awe, the nature connection app

Awe is the app to strengthen your relationship with nature. Through a series of mindful audio guides, cultivate awe and wonder toward nature. Develop a deep sense of connection with the world around you. Whether you're out in the countryside or in the middle of a city, notice more nature. We believe immediate climate action first comes from a love of nature.

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Please share this spooky experience with friends, family and social media followers. Sharing will raise awareness and shock others into action. Greater awareness leads to pressure on our political leaders at COP26 to take effective collective effort against climate harming actions. Spread the screams.