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Mindful Stargazing

Stargazing mindfully means looking at the night sky with wide-eyed curiosity and wonder. It’s not about scientific theories, star maps or technology. It’s the immersive experience of being with the night sky just as it is. Through these practices you’ll develop a first-hand knowledge of what it is to ‘be’ in this vast Universe of ours. Included are five practices for the night time, one to do with our daytime star (the Sun) and two for anytime.

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Course Content

8 tracks
  1. Basic Mindful Stargazing practice
    6 mins
  2. One star, many stars
    10 mins
  3. Looking back in time
    10 mins
  4. Skygazing
    10 mins
  5. The feeling of moonlight
    10 mins
  6. Basking in the Sun’s rays
    10 mins
  7. Cosmic Body Scan
    10 mins
  8. Feeling grounded
    10 mins

Led by Mark Westmoquette

Mark has a PhD in Astrophysics and spent 10 years as a professional astronomer. Now he’s a Zen meditation and yoga teacher. Mark is passionate about helping people bring together the outer world of the cosmos and the inner world of their awareness in order to find a better understanding of their true nature.

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I live in a city. Will Awe help me connect with nature?

Absolutely! That's where Awe excels. City-dwellers are nature deprived and they're suffering for it. We passionately believe (and the science supports us) that connecting city folk with urban nature brings about higher life satisfaction and reduces mental health illnesses. Let's get out there!

Is this about hugging trees and running around barefoot?

Not if you don't want to :). Awe offers guided audio that connects you mentally with nature. You can sit there quietly. Or go for a stroll. But if the mood strikes, and you feel you want to give a wise oak a great big hug, all the power to you.

I tried meditation before, it wasn’t for me. Is this the same?

Awe is different from your modern meditation apps and traditional meditation exercises. Whilst our guides start in a similar way (usually with some breath awareness), we encourage you to look outward instead of inward. Awe guides are contemplative: see the beauty in the world around you.

I don’t live close to any amazing nature. Will I still be able to use Awe?

Yes! Awe guides help you appreciate nature that doesn't feel that special. Use Awe in your garden or a local park. Maybe you notice a tree you walk past everyday, or a bird you see often. You won't look at it in the same way again.

What about the bugs?

Unfortunately we can't do anything about the little critters (the bees, beetles and ants) that call the great outdoors home. But maybe, just maybe, we can help you see them in a new way.