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Hit the reset button on your busy mind. Get back to Mother Nature.

The app for nature connection

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“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.”
– Hans Christian Andersen

Brand New Awe Courses

Strengthen your relationship with nature. Be guided by top nature connection professionals and relate to nature in new ways that stimulate awe and wonder. Available for free through our app.

Befriending Nature

6 tracks
Led by Ben Page
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Mindful Stargazing

8 tracks
Led by Mark Westmoquette
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Mother Nature called, she misses you

Get away from Zoom & Netflix

Back-to-back Zoom calls? Netflix binging? YouTube holes? Yawn. Let's replace screen time with nature time.

Hit your reset button

Life is about more than work. Regain your perspective on what matters most in your life. Think bigger. Think fresh.

Great for your mental health

Time in nature gives a serious mood boost. You’re in serious danger of having a good time.

Man meditating in forest
Be more mindful in nature, connect deeply with the world around you and cultivate awe.

Awe is the nature connection app

Nature Lovers adore Awe

“I felt I was part of something bigger, so more connected. This is going to sound weird - but I’m certain I could hear the tree – there I’ve said it!”
Rebecca O'Connor
The Mindful Sketcher
“The meditation gave me a moment of space and expansion, and greater sense of connection.”
Michael Ashcroft
Alexander Technique Coach
“I feel like I've spent some quality time with some clouds.”
Will S.
Nature lover
“It didn't feel like meditation. It felt like I was learning about myself.”
Dan Parry
Wellness Entrepreneur
“I keep meaning to write and say how much I am enjoying the Awe Ponderings - they are great!”
Jane Murray
Founder, Peacebeam

Common questions

I live in a city. Will Awe help me connect with nature?

Absolutely! That's where Awe excels. City-dwellers are nature deprived and they're suffering for it. We passionately believe (and the science supports us) that connecting city folk with urban nature brings about higher life satisfaction and reduces mental health illnesses. Let's get out there!

Is this about hugging trees and running around barefoot?

Not if you don't want to :). Awe offers guided audio that connects you mentally with nature. You can sit there quietly. Or go for a stroll. But if the mood strikes, and you feel you want to give a wise oak a great big hug, all the power to you.

I tried meditation before, it wasn’t for me. Is this the same?

Awe is different from your modern meditation apps and traditional meditation exercises. Whilst our guides start in a similar way (usually with some breath awareness), we encourage you to look outward instead of inward. Awe guides are contemplative: see the beauty in the world around you.

I don’t live close to any amazing nature. Will I still be able to use Awe?

Yes! Awe guides help you appreciate nature that doesn't feel that special. Use Awe in your garden or a local park. Maybe you notice a tree you walk past everyday, or a bird you see often. You won't look at it in the same way again.

What about the bugs?

Unfortunately we can't do anything about the little critters (the bees, beetles and ants) that call the great outdoors home. But maybe, just maybe, we can help you see them in a new way.

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